The ‘Circle of Life’ is much more than the opening line to the classic movie ‘The Lion King’ – although the film perfectly embodies the phrase. It’s a philosophy – a concept – that means we begin at the end and end at the beginning. Our lives are a complete full circle, and no matter what the size of the circle, it ends the same for everyone. Never was this principle more appropriate than when considering the complicated, beautifully fraught parent-child relationship. We come into this world as helpless beings, completely dependent on parents for nourishment, protection, hygiene, and nurturing. As we mature and age, these roles tend to reverse a degree, and many aging adults rely on their children to fulfill the same needs. As a principle, the Circle of Life reminds us that life is cyclical, and no being is omnipotent or invulnerable. We are all connected, and at some point, dependent on each other.

For multi-sibling families, the responsibility of caring for a parent can be challenging and stressful. It can also be inspiring and incredibly rewarding. And while not every family is close-knit or without friction, if siblings can recognize the common ground that they share, this stage of life can be a bonding experience.

One way that siblings can support each other and ensure that their loved one enjoys the best quality of life is to begin this journey as a team. At the outset, considering each other’s strengths when defining roles is a great strategy to make sure that all requirements are met. This could include having the person who lives closest to the parent be responsible for handling the practical, in-person needs, while the sibling who lives farthest away provides emotional support.

Clear and frequent communication is paramount for families who are working together to care for a parent. Text or email are great tools for updating multiple people and have the added benefit of creating a record of information. And when major decisions need to be made, it might be necessary to employ some big-picture thinking to reach an agreement. Remember, all individuals want the best for their parents and talking through differences while intentionally practicing empathy will help to maintain goodwill. If conversations become difficult, don’t be afraid to seek outside help – stress and emotion can cloud our vision and get in the way of sound decision-making. Involving Advanced Home Care Solutions as a resource in supporting your loved one provides the use of a secure, online Family Room portal to access the visit calendar, and view visit comments that the caregiver has left. This is set up automatically when our services begin and can be used by all approved family members.

At the end of the day, the goal is to have your loved one receive the very best care possible, while creating the least amount of stress for everyone. In many cases, this can be achieved by working with a community care company like Advanced Home Care Solutions. We have ten years of experience in the community care industry, and our commitment to the wellness of an aging population is reflected in our sterling reputation. With an experienced team of healthcare professionals that includes an initial assessment by an RN, who then assigns duties to qualified care aides, Advanced Home Care Solutions can support your family and your loved one in crafting meaningful experiences through this life stage. The technical skill and competence of our staff are without question, but where our professionals truly shine is with the compassion and integrity that they bring to each client relationship.

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