The world can be an unfriendly place. Turning on the news, venturing outside our front doors, or even relying on tried and true relationships…social interactions seem to be increasingly challenging and called into question. Between miscommunication, the impersonal nature of online interactions, and a growing lack of trust – it seems as though an occasion like World Friendship Day, every July 30th, was never more timely.

This day has an interesting history. Originally conceived as a Hallmark card promotion in the thirties, it was celebrated in August – but never really took off and eventually faded into obscurity. The World Friendship Crusade revived the concept, however, and the first World Friendship Day took place on July 30th, 1958, as part of a campaign to foster goodwill. In 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations formally adopted the day as a milestone of peace by declaring July 30th as the International Day of Friendship.

Fast forward to 2022, and it’s clear that the world has never needed peace more than it does today. With the prominence of social media, the World Friendship Day movement has become an increasingly popular celebration that goes far beyond connecting people. July 30th, 2022 is about building bridges among cultures, countries, and ideologies. Celebrating this special day helps us to focus on our common ground, rather than our differences. Physical appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion, age, etc., are not reasons to separate people. Every July, the UN provides a unique framework and opportunity to promote global togetherness and kindness.

If every human being took just one single day to focus on these types of values, the world would be better for it. Actions that promote understanding, inclusivity, compassion, trust, paying it forward, and empathy could quite literally “be the change” that we want to see. This looks like different things to different people and might encompass everything from elaborate gestures of kindness and generosity to a simple thank you note. The point is that any gesture – big or small – that promotes dialogue, acceptance, and understanding will foster harmony and create a ripple effect of peace. And the more we see each other as humans with commonality, the more we inspire the world in ways that go beyond a single day and transcend borders.

As a health staffing agency, Advanced Home Care Solutions is closely aligned with the principles at the heart of World Friendship Day. Our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our communities is reflected both in our reputation and our recruitment process. While we place great emphasis on building teams of only the most highly accredited professionals, we are also keenly aware of the human aspect of our work. We believe that sheer technical competence is not enough without compassion, sensitivity, and empathy at the core of all services that we provide.

While our expertise is in offering highly qualified health care professionals, we are also focused on the highest level of transparency and guided by ethics that keep us at the forefront of the industry’s health staffing agencies.

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