We spend much of our time in the workplace, and it’s easy to slip into unhealthy habits and daily routines that are not conducive to a happy, healthy body and mind. Today, we are going to talk about the many ways we can improve our time spent in the workplace and in turn, our general quality of life.

Advanced Home Care Solutions is a nurse staffing agency with a huge focus on quality of life – not just of our clients, but our valued nurses as well. We know how much passion and care go into nursing, and our clients’ wellbeing is always at the top of our minds. But it’s also important to recognize that you can only provide the best care if you take care of yourself, first and foremost. That’s why we encourage our nurses to take steps to support their mental and physical health and in the process, be the best they can be for their clients.

How To Be Mindful of Mental Health 

Mental health is an important topic in our world today, and every day that we talk about it, we get closer to destigmatizing mental illness, improving our quality of life and that of those around us. By listening to your body carefully, you can improve your mental health.

Consider incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily routine to support and happy, healthy brain. This can be as simple as taking 10 minutes a day to walk in nature and breathe in fresh air, journaling, taking up a creative hobby, or spending time with your pet.

Tip: If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, anxious or that fight-or-flight feeling, you can activate your vagus nerve by submerging your face in ice water. This engages your parasympathetic nervous system, creates a physiological chain reaction, and ultimately acts as a “reset button” for your brain – putting you into a resting state and promoting a sense of calm.

How To Promote Physical Wellness In the Workplace

 If you are spending the majority of your day on your feet, or alternatively, sitting down, your body needs breaks in positioning. Try to incorporate a few minutes of light stretching or healthy movement. If you tend to forget, set a timer for yourself or download an app like ‘StretchClock’  – this will remind you to stretch and provides easy physio-focused exercises to support physical health and a productive mind.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We all know that dehydration can be detrimental to your general health and wellbeing, but putting a special focus on extra hydration can be the difference in how you feel in and out of the workplace. If it helps, make it a habit to bring a reusable water bottle to work, and train your body to crave water the same way it craves coffee!

Give yourself a chance to recharge when your workday is over. Be sure to rest and engage in restorative activities that can support your mental and physical wellbeing. Leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of developing physical and stress-related illnesses like anxiety, depression, heart disease, and more – so physical activity is essential if your work does not require much movement.

Let’s all pay close attention to what our bodies need, and stay healthy in (and out of) the workplace!

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