What is “active aging”? It’s significantly more than physical fitness, as it might imply. While physical activity is certainly a component of this concept, active aging refers to a way of life in which physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual activities are valued and integrated into daily living. These elements are linked together to create a platform of well-being that everyone deserves at every life stage. As a leading healthcare staffing agency, Advanced Home Care Solutions is a voice for active living among older adults. We uphold and advocate principles based on our experience working with them.

At the core of active aging and wellness, there is a range of needs recognized by AHCS. It’s critically important to respect older people’s experiences, contributions, and resources by acknowledging and integrating them into daily living. Aging does not erase the who, what, where and when of our humanity – and although sometimes those details can be missed, they shouldn’t be. We all have a story.

Although we hear a lot today about diversity and inclusion, we’re not as focused as we should be when looking through the lens of aging. Simply from the standpoint of planning, older adults have a right to be included in decisions that affect their lives. Diversity can be addressed by keeping in mind that all points of view need to be respected, and that consensus should be a goal when creating impactful life plans.

As with the rest of the population, the older adult demographic includes a vast range of ability, capabilities, socioeconomic status, race, gender identification, geographic location and more. These factors should never dictate access to support, and equity can be served by recognizing that everyone’s wellbeing can be improved by subscribing to these active aging principles.

Aging gracefully is a beautiful term and one that Advanced Home Care Solutions takes seriously. While our focus and expertise are in offering highly qualified health care professionals to both community-based clients and residential care facilities, these are not just words to us. We ‘walk the walk’ in the way that we curate and carefully vet our staff, as we understand the needs of individuals living at home with few supports but are also very familiar with the needs of residential care facilities from a healthcare personnel perspective. Transparency, trust, compassion, and a deep knowledge of wellness are the core values that drive our operations – every single day.

A unique and cutting-edge feature that AHCS offers our community-based clients is the Online Family Room. Families can oversee the care of their family members via our online portal (from any device), providing them with the assurance of exceptional care by AHCS caregivers.

As a leading agency in the health staffing industry, Advanced Home Care Solutions and its subsidiary Advanced Care Solutions can provide outstanding staff for your facility for long and short-term needs, as well as exceptional caregivers to support clients in their homes.

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