In keeping with our “aging” theme, and as a leading provider of community care services, Advanced Home Care Solutions places a particularly strong focus on the health and wellbeing of older adults. It seems only appropriate to discuss an emerging tendency with seniors. In today’s world, aging in place has become an increasingly popular option for this older population. Our homes provide us with a safe place, and a familiar environment that can be integral to our physical and mental health. As we age, we find it more and more difficult to deal with change, and the stability and comfort that we experience at home can be a major aspect of our wellbeing. Additionally, the opportunity to live independently can be extremely important to many who are used to caring for themselves, setting their own routines and making their own decisions.

A new survey finds that over 90% of seniors prefer to remain in their homes, as opposed to moving into assisted living. The comfort, safety and independence of home are powerful influences in making these major life decisions. Additionally, many of these older citizens have a strong emotional attachment to their home since it reminds them of family and frequently comes with decades of memories. How can we support this trend and make it easier for older adults to live at home? While there are many aspects to this dynamic, one of the more practical areas to consider is home safety.

As older adults experience a certain amount of physical decline in terms of mobility, vision and strength, there are some common-sense safety tips that can be implemented. When it comes to indoor safety, there are a few guidelines to follow. Although installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor is a must-have for any home, for seniors this is paramount. Additionally, using space heaters is not recommended since they can be fire hazards and cause falls. A smart tool to invest in is a personal emergency response system (PERS) – which can be worn and used to summon help in a crisis. Another popular safety device is the Lifeline, which is the industry standard in supporting seniors and Canada’s most reliable medical alert system. Additionally, many families now turn to the in-home digital assistant – a smart speaker such as Alexa or Google Home can respond to voice commands and bypass a sometimes-challenging learning curve associated with digital-based resources.

To enhance outdoor safety for a homeowner, common sense is – once again – crucial. Check the perimeter for tripping hazards and be sure that exterior steps are safe (with handrails if possible). Well-lit entrances up the safety quotient, and a smart lighting system – one that automatically turns off at dawn and on at dusk – can be a great investment. As with all homes, it’s wise to keep flammable products like gasoline stored more than 50 feet away from a vehicle or mower, and always have rock salt (which melts ice) and sand (which provides traction) on hand in case of winter storms.

Ultimately, aging in place is achievable for many older adults, and is a process that can be fully supported, or supplemented through our services. Advanced Home Care Solutions is a ten-year veteran in the healthcare industry, and our commitment to wellness speaks for itself. We are extremely proud of our rigorously vetted, carefully curated care teams of Care Aides, who support your loved one under the direction of an RN. These professionals are trained to provide the most diligent, compassionate aid in a home care setting, to maintain a fulfilling, aging-in-place journey.

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