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Is Travel Nursing For You?

We recruit exceptional health care professionals from all scopes of practice for long-term and acute care facilities across BC, AB and Ontario.

Travel nursing is a rewarding and exciting avenue of healthcare – it allows nursing professionals to hone their skills in always-new environments alongside exceptional people. Not only does travel nursing afford flexibility and high quality of life for those with an interest in changing sceneries, AHCS’ travel nursing program offers the most competitive hourly wages in BC and we are always hiring skilled and experienced healthcare workers and nurses.

We recommend travel nursing to individuals who thrive in – and are driven by – a change of pace and atmosphere. Assignments are always given in advance and provide you with autonomy over your career and schedule. You decide what you are willing and able to take on, and can rest assured that you will always receive sizeable compensation packages, per diem, accommodations, etc.

If you are comfortable with short or medium-term assignments, have impeccable references and extensive experience, we want to hear from you! Get in touch and learn more about how we can support, jumpstart and further your career in health and home care.

Our staff must be able to work in-facility, maintain “Single Site Order”, and support Public Health Mandates regarding double vax status.


If you are looking for a change and crave new experiences, travel nursing could be for you.

If you are a nurse, you must have an unencumbered nursing licence and hold an active practising licence in the province or territory you wish to work in.

If you are a Health Care Assistant, you must ensure you are registered with the registration body in that province or territory too

The drive for travel nursing experiences is, a zest for adventure and learning, and, the higher than average pay. Some nursing staff gross over $10,000 per month in wages alone.

Our company also provides perks like, health care benefits almost right away, performance pay, working short pay, Quick Start bonuses, completion of contract bonuses and more.

Travel and accommodation are paid for, and many companies (like us for example) pay a ‘per diem’ which is money on your paycheque to pay for food and meals.

We have a dedicated Corporate Travel Representative to book your travel and support your travel, 24/7!

We know Travel Nurses have their own set of stressors on top of the typical work stress, so we tee you up with our RN Nursing Supervisor to debrief with you at least monthly. We also know travel nursing can feel a bit isolating at times, and to ensure we support your health and safety needs, a member of our clinical administration team is available 24/7 for any urgent matters that arise.

Remember, our company was invented by an inveterate Travel Nurse (Kris Stewart) who undertook her first travel nurse assignment in 1989 – when travel nursing wasn’t even “a thing” -and drove 3300 miles solo to her first contract, in a different country. The built-in traveller support was based on Ms. Stewarts years of travel nursing adventures which have included roles as defacto Nurse Practitioner in the Arctic, Medical Liaison Officer for the Swiss Air Disaster, and Medical Officer for the Canadian Coast Guard.

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