A permanent vacation…freedom from obligation…sounds good, doesn’t it? In 2022, the fastest-growing segment of the population is seniors. For the first time in history, new generations can expect to live seven, eight, nine, or more decades. This advancement not only impacts individual lives, but the overall shape of our species. The good news is that aging adults are living in a world that their parents and grandparents couldn’t even imagine, let alone inhabit. It also begs the question: how do we want to spend an extra thirty years on the planet? How can we optimize this gift of time? Well, there are unrivaled resources for today’s seniors, along with raised awareness around the importance of health and wellness as it pertains to aging.


In fact, there is a new school of thought when it comes to “growing old” versus “being old”, and it all comes down to a mindset. In much the same way that “retirement” can simply mean “withdrawal”, being old sounds like a way of living that is small, slow and tired. Growing old, on the other hand, sounds like acceptance of the fact that as we age, we do slow down and tire a bit more easily, but with the understanding that our new normal should include celebrating being alive.


As a society, it’s increasingly important to recognize and combat ageism. Many aging adults face a lack of meaning and purpose in their lives, which leads to pain much deeper than physical. Many still want to make a difference in the world by taking on roles that feel impactful and fulfilling. (After all, as a species, humans are wired to feel needed, respected, and purposeful – but a large portion of our society has developed an outlook that considers aging adults as socially useless – even invisible.) These individuals tend to be routinely dismissed as impaired, slow, or unnecessary unless they can prove otherwise. But studies have proven that seniors who are provided with autonomy and personal responsibility will live longer – and in more fulfilling ways – than their peers who are stripped of these basic human rights. In other words, with the right aging plan, it can be a truly graceful process, and one that can indeed feel like a ‘permanent vacation”.


Advanced Home Care Solutions is a healthcare company specializing in community care, and we are on the frontline of raising the perspective bar when it comes to aging. Based out of Kelowna, BC (with an office in Toronto), AHCS is constantly recruiting talented, superstar Care Aides that align with our mission. We believe that the right level of support – one that includes respect, compassion and experience in the health and wellness field – can help to shape the new paradigm of aging. And whether this process is happening at home or in a facility, our teams are skilled at designing and supporting a fulfilling aging plan for you or your loved one. Contact us to find out how.

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