Advanced Home Care Solutions Professional Services

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LPN (Licenced Practical Nurses)

Our LPN's can:

  • Give medications including injectable medications
  • Provide wound care after surgery, or special dressings in collaboration with RN
  • Provide education to families and clients on many nutritional and health matters
  • Take and monitor vital signs (Pulse, Respirations, Temperature and Blood Pressure)
  • Perform a assessments and collect specimens
  • Perform blood glucose testing, administer oral and injectable medications, and prefill syringes such as insulin or narcotics 
  • provide basic personal xare such as bathing, grooming, dressing.
  • Administer tube feedings, and administer over the counter medications
  • Apply compression stockings and provide cast care, and care of pin sites
  • Perform urinary catheterization and Urinary catheter irrigation as well as change established supra pubic catheter
  • Apply constipation protocol and provide routine bowel care – excluding rectal disimpaction

    Perform Ostomy care including appliance change and maintenance 

RN (Registered Nurses)

Our RN's:

Performs the initial assessment of the client

  • Provide all of the duties of the LPN above
  • Formulate the diagnosis and create a Nursing Care Plan
  • Initiates the nursing actions to provide care & coordinates care services for clients
  • Counsels clients and develops professional relationships with clients and others
  • Can Pronounce expected deaths
  • Provide disease prevention and health promotion services (e.g., blood glucose screening and Flu Shots)
  • Collect a blood sample or fecal sample from a client

  • Perform Ear Syringing

Foot Care Nurses

A Certified Foot Care Nurse provides service to support disabled, frail or elderly adults, persons with an increased risk for foot complications such as poor circulation, peripheral neuropathy, decrease in loss of circulation, history of foot ulcers, and immunosuppression from chronic disease or medications. 

Assessments, education, basic foot care and referrals if necessary are provided. The purpose to having your feet done by a certified foot care nurse is to provide safe and effective treatment to decrease foot problems and enhance your comfort and mobility.

Keep your feet healthy – call for appointment with our certified foot care nurse.