What we can do for you

We can determine your loved ones needs and provide the following care:

Home Health Care Services

We provide an array of health care and home support services to assist your loved ones in retirement communities, group homes, apartments, family homes and other community settings. These services include:

Nursing Care

RN (Registered Nurses)

Our RN’s performs the initial assessment of the client

• Provide all of the duties of the LPN below
• Formulate the diagnosis and create a Nursing Care Plan
• Initiates the nursing actions to provide care & coordinates care services for clients
• Counsels clients and develops professional relationships with clients & others
• Can provide all duties of the LPN below
• Provide disease prevention and health promotion services (e.g., blood glucose screening and Flu Shots)
• Collect a blood sample or fecal sample from a client
• Perform Ear Syringing

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurses)

Our LPN’s can:

• Give medications including injectable medications
• Provide wound care after surgery, or special dressings in collaboration with RN
• Provide education to families and clients on many nutritional and health matters
• Take and monitor vital signs (Pulse, Respirations, Temperature and Blood Pressure)
• Perform a assessments and collect specimens
• Perform blood glucose testing, administer oral and injectable medications, and prefill syringes such as insulin or narcotics 
• Provide basic personal care such as bathing, grooming, dressing.
• Administer tube feedings, and administer over the counter medications
• Apply compression stockings and provide cast care, and care of pin sites
• Perform urinary catheterization and Urinary catheter irrigation as well as change established supra pubic catheter
• Apply constipation protocol and provide routine bowel care – excluding rectal disimpaction
• Perform Ostomy care including appliance change and maintenance 

Personal Care

  • Bathing, Hair care
  • Make-up, Grooming & shaving
  • Mobilization, Exercising
  • Dining Assistance and Dining Room Escort
  • Meal Preparation and Serving
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Apply and remove compression stockings
  • Perform colostomy and catheter care
  • Assist with medication, blood sugar checks and blood pressure checks

Housekeeping & Groundskeeping

  • General Cleaning, Vacuuming, Dusting,
  • Washing floors, dishes, & windows
  • Laundry, Ironing, Changing beds
  • Defrosting refrigerators/freezers, cleaning ranges, cleaning china cabinets
  • Caring for house plants, pets, taking out garbage
  • Oversee home deliveries and home maintenance activities
  • Raking yard, lawn mowing
  • Clearing pathways, sidewalks and driveways
  • Hedge trimming, weeding
  • Pruning
  • Snow removal


  • Engaging in activities meaningful to client; reading, games, crafts, playing cards, etc.
  • Strolls, Outings and Drives
  • Escort and drive to appointments and events
  • VIP Grid “Social Transportation” for Veterans

Foot Care Nurses

A Certified Foot Care Nurse provides service to support disabled, frail or elderly adults, persons with an increased risk for foot complications such as poor circulation, peripheral neuropathy, decrease in loss of circulation, history of foot ulcers, and immunosuppression from chronic disease or medications. 

Assessments, education, basic foot care and referrals if necessary are provided. The purpose to having your feet done by a certified foot care nurse is to provide safe and effective treatment to decrease foot problems and enhance your comfort and mobility.

Keep your feet healthy – call for appointment with our certified foot care nurse.

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Transition Care

Discharge Liaison Nurse

Many times, we are called by out of town family members, whose loved ones are going to be discharged home and have no one to help them transition home. The Discharge Liaison Nurse will:

  • Manage patient discharge from the hospital, the emergency room or Rehab unit, 
  • Make preparations based on information the Hospital health care team, to ensure a smooth and worry-free discharge home
  • Take the patient home if required, pick up their medications, ensure they have food and meal support, and care services if required
  • Arrange for or pickup, medical equipment and supplies needed for a safe and speedy recovery at home

The Discharge Liaison Nurse provides the linkage between hospital, and home for many patients without adequate support.

Palliative Care

We provide exceptionally compassionate bedside care to terminally ill clients. Our RN develops a Care Plan in coordination with the family, taking into account other family caregivers who may be involved, so that our care is holistic and comprehensive.

24/7 or Overnight Care

Whether your loved one is recovering at home or in hospital and requires supervision and assistance overnight or around the clock, we can provide attentive caregivers when it matters most.

Long-Term Care Staffing

We provide all professional scopes of practice for long-term care facilities such as:

  • Residential Care Aides, LPNs, and RNs 
  • We pride ourselves on our Best Practices in recruitment and retention
  • Our CEO-Owner has a Chartered Professional Human Resources which ensures our hiring standards are aligned with Provincial and Federal law 
  • We are always recruiting professionals with stellar references and experience

"For the five weeks we used Advanced Home Care Solutions while Mom was in-hospital, she was treated with professional, first class care services from Kris and her team. They provided knowledgeable and caring service on a personal level, which never felt clinical or impersonal. We had previously used two other local private care providers for both my mother and father, but in my personal opinion, Advanced Home Care was clearly superior."

Scott S., Ontario

Consulting Services

Accreditation Canada Consulting

We provide consulting services to prepare healthcare organizations for Accreditation Canada surveys.

  • Our team has experience in achieving a 100% score for a Residential Care Facility in an Accreditation Canada survey and we would like to assist other organizations to achieve the same level of excellence 
  • We recognize that this is a great medium for discovering where an organization’s opportunities for improvement lie, and this can also be the cause to celebrate achievements 
  • Our Accreditation Canada consultants will conduct an internal assessment of the organizations strengths and identify opportunities for improvement
  • We will work with your team to create action plans to align with Accreditation Canada standards

Development Management Consulting

Our team of Health Care Planners come from health service, business and management backgrounds in long-term care. This allows us to provide expert guidance and interact knowledgeably with stakeholders, clinicians, and designers. We help you plan healing and safe environments to provide a home to our most valued and vulnerable among us…our Older Adults. 

We can provide:

  • Construction consulting
  • Operational consulting

 We help you:

  • Create functional work areas to efficiently serve residents and staff
  • Design buildings or campuses of care with visual connections to the natural environment, that also incorporate animals and children, to provide stress reduction, calmness and joy

Professional Geriatric Care Management

Professional Geriatric Care Management is a holistic, client-centred approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges.  Working with families, geriatric care manager expertise provides the answers at a time of uncertainty. Their guidance leads families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love,thus reducing worry, stress and time off of work for family caregivers through:

• Regular nursing visits and monitoring health conditions
• Planning and problem-solving
• Education and advocacy
• Family caregiver coaching
• help clients navigate the health care system for maximum efficiency, and reduced stress
• Arranges and attends appointments
• Review and coordinates complex treatment plans
• Provides clear explanations of medical terminology and prescription drugs
• Liaises with the family doctor, specialists, health authority, or palliative care as needed.

Geriatric Care Managers

are engaged to assist in a variety of areas, such as:


Helping families evaluate and select appropriate level of housing or residential options

Medical Management

Attending doctor appointments, facilitating communication between doctor, client, and family and if appropriate, monitoring client's adherence to medical orders and instructions


Keeping family members and professionals informed as to the well-being and changing needs of the client

Social Activities

Providing opportunity for the client to engage in social, recreational, or cultural activities that enrich the quality of life


Referring to or consulting with elder law attorney, providing expert opinion for courts in determining level of care


May include reviewing or overseeing bill paying or consulting with accountant or client's Power of Attorney

Geriatric Care Management

Support Packages

Living Well™

For those mildly frail clients who are fairly independent and won't need our personal care services just yet, but they and their families need reassurance and peace of mind...someone to turn to for reassurance or urgent health concerns.

Care Well™

"We bring the care to you!" For frail loved ones, with complex medical problems, who want to age in place at home at all costs, we bring all care to your loved ones bedside. Our Professional Geriatric Care Manager visits regularly, to assess your loved one and ensure our caregivers are providing the very best care possible.

Family Well™

For those clients whose primary caregivers are family members, who now need a 'breather' or respite, or simply do not have time to manage mom or dads life maintenance needs. Having the full-time responsibility of making decisions and caring for a frail or dependent person, can be exhausting and overwhelming. We provide nursing oversight and act as an extension of 'you' when you are not able to be there.

Memory Well™

For those clients who have cognitive decline and need help making everyday decisions, oversight of hygiene, nutrition, shopping, bill payments and banking, whose families are concerned about the clients increasing inability to manage on their own

Home Well™

For clients about to be discharged home from hospital or short stay units, we step in to ensure all of your at-home care needs are managed. We meet with the discharge planner and ensure we understand what your health needs are. We work independently or alongside of health authorities to ensure all of your care needs are met and your home is ready for you, upon your arrival home. Our Care Manager visits to ensure your recovery is going well.

Elder Well ™

For loved ones who are ageing gracefully in place but becoming more frail, we pay special attention to their changing needs. We will perform a monthly nursing assessments to ensure that your loved one is doing well and we will focus on nutritional needs, respiratory health, and physiological functions.

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