Community Care Services

Looking for Community Care Services?

Though meaningful and rewarding, the ‘primary caregiver’ role is demanding and can lead to burnout if supplementary support isn’t pursued. At AHCS, we offer a variety of health and home care services to assist your loved ones, and help carry the weight of such an immense responsibility.

Our Services include:

Health Care Assistant

Personal Care

We provide for:

  • Bathing, hair care, makeup, grooming & shaving
  • Mobilization and exercise
  • Dining assistance and dining room escort
  • Meal preparation and serving
  • Grocery shopping
  • Application and removal of compression stockings
  • Colostomy and catheter care
  • Assistance with medication, blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring


  • Engagement in activities that are meaningful to client i.e., reading, games, crafts, cards, etc.
  • Outings such as walks, drives, shopping etc.
  • Driving and escorting to appointments and events
  • VIP Grid “Social Transportation” for Veterans

Palliative Care

We provide sensitive and compassionate bedside care to terminally ill patients. Our RN develops a holistic and comprehensive plan in coordination with family members and caregivers, so that comfort and dignity remains at the forefront of patient care.

24/7 or Overnight Care

Whether your loved one is recovering at home or in hospital, overnight / round-the-clock supervision and assistance is available for those crucial times of need.

Advanced Home Care Solutions provides support to community dwelling older adults in Kelowna, and provides professional healthcare staff to residential care facilities across BC and Ontario. Our staff have been rigorously vetted, thoroughly reference checked and are required to undergo interviews with the AHCS Clinical Leader.

Advanced Home Care Solutions was designed by an RN-BSN-MBA who understands the spectrum of needs required by individuals living in community with few supports. We will always put your family first, so that you can step back and recharge when you need to.

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