Community Care Services

Community Care Services

We offer a variety of health care and home support services to assist your loved ones. These services include:

Nursing Care

RN (Registered Nurses)

Our RN’s performs the initial assessment of the client

  • Performs an initial assessment of the client
  • Formulates a diagnosis and creates a care plan
  • Initiates the nursing actions to provide care & coordinates care services for clients
  • Counsels clients and develops trust-based relationships with clients & caretakers
  • Provides disease prevention / health management services (e.g., blood glucose screening, flu shot, collection of blood / fecal / urine sample, ear syringing)
    Can undertake all duties of an LPN

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurses)

  • Administers medication including injectables
  • Provides post-op wound care and/or special dressings under direction of RN
  • Offers education to families and clients on nutritional and health matters
  • Monitors vital signs (pulse, respirations, temperature and blood pressure)
  • Performs health assessments and collects specimens
  • Provides blood glucose testing
  • Administers oral (prescription or OTC) / injectable medications and prefilled syringes such as insulin or narcotics
  • Provides basic personal care such as bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Manages tube feedings
  • Applies compression stockings and provides cast / pin site care
  • Performs urinary catheterization and catheter irrigation, replaces established supra pubic catheter
  • Applies constipation protocol and provides routine bowel care (excluding rectal disimpaction)
  • Performs ostomy care including appliance change and maintenance

Personal Care

  • Bathing, hair care, makeup, grooming & shaving
  • Mobilization and exercise
  • Dining assistance and dining room escort
  • Meal preparation and serving
  • Grocery shopping
  • Application and removal of compression stockings
  • Colostomy and catheter care
  • Assistance with medication, blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring


  • Engagement in activities that are meaningful to client i.e., reading, games, crafts, cards, etc.
  • Outings such as walks, drives, shopping etc.
  • Driving and escorting to appointments and events
  • VIP Grid “Social Transportation” for Veterans

Palliative Care

We provide sensitive and compassionate bedside care to terminally ill patients. Our RN develops a holistic and comprehensive plan in coordination with family members and caregivers, so that comfort and dignity remains at the forefront of patient care.

24/7 or Overnight Care

Whether your loved one is recovering at home or in hospital, overnight / round-the-clock supervision and assistance is available for those crucial times of need.

Geriatric Care Management

Professional Geriatric Care Management is a holistic, client-centred approach to caring for older adults or individuals facing ongoing health challenges. Through offering specialized guidance in personalized senior care plans, geriatric care managers can be an integral part of a family’s support system. Their expertise promotes optimal health and quality of life for senior patients, thus reducing stress on all involved.

Geriatric Care Management provides:

  • Regular nursing visits and monitoring of health conditions
  • Planning and problem-solving
  • Education and patient advocacy
  • Family caregiver coaching
  • Support and confidence in navigating the healthcare system for maximum efficiency and patient comfort
  • Appointment booking and accompaniment
  • Oversight and coordination of complex treatment plans
  • Clear explanations of medical terminology and prescription drugs
  • Communication with general practitioners, specialists, health authorities or palliative care as needed

Geriatric Care Management

are engaged to assist in a variety of areas, such as:

Geriatric Care Management provides:

Helping families evaluate and select appropriate level of housing or residential options

Medical Management

Attending doctor appointments, facilitating communication between doctor, client, family, and if appropriate, monitoring client’s adherence to medical orders and instructions


Keeping family members and professionals informed as to the wellbeing and changing needs of the client

Social Activities

Providing opportunities for the client to engage in social, recreational, or cultural activities that enrich their quality of life


Referring to or consulting with an elder law attorney, who would provide expert opinion for courts in determining necessary level of care


Overseeing bill payments, consulting with accountant or client’s Power of Attorney

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