A sense of community and camaraderie is crucial in any industry. How well we communicate, respect, and understand each other ultimately affects every outcome, and nowhere is that more applicable than in the field of health and wellness. People in need of healthcare support often rely completely on their caregivers, and those caregivers’ ability to deliver their services with professionalism, patience and compassion is heavily impacted by the support that they, in turn, receive. This dynamic especially impacts travel nurses, who frequently live in unfamiliar areas and rely on work as one of their few sources of community. Here’s where teamwork and team-building come into play, and as one of the leading travel nursing agencies in Canada, Advanced Home Care Solutions is familiar with the great benefits of team-building within our nursing ranks.

Today we’re going to take a practical look at some team-building ideas that can be extremely useful within the healthcare field. They help to build a sense of trust and communication that ultimately improves patient care. And while some people prefer to “go their own way”, working as part of a team is something that is encouraged in today’s workplaces. It takes commitment and intention, but the results can be rewarding.

Icebreakers and collaborative games are some of the best strategies for team building. They can generate camaraderie between co-workers, establish trust and compassion, and create a sense of community. Just as impactful – and generally enjoyable – is the act of socializing together outside of the workplace. Seeing movies, grabbing lunch or even shopping together allows for more authentic interactions and positive relationships that tend to carry over to the workplace. Some of these social events can even take place in a virtual setting such as Zoom.

Another powerful team-building strategy is to encourage the use of collaborative tools or even implement weekly team huddles. When co-workers are on the same page and supporting each other, workflow is powerful, positive and streamlined. This also emphasizes good communication between team members, which can be strengthened through weekly sessions where co-workers can voice their feelings and concerns. As long as this remains a platform of respect and positivity, potential problems can be nipped in the bud. It’s important to remember that a team is always greater than the sum of its parts since everyone is unique and brings different backgrounds, skills and experiences to the table. When groups perform at their best, it can turn the workplace into a happy place.

As one of the most active and successful travel nursing agencies in Canada, Advanced Home Care Solutions is a strong advocate for the advantages of team-building within the healthcare sector. Supporting our travel nurses at every level, and empowering them to be the best version of themselves – both professionally and personally – is a win-win for all. It strengthens our reputation, places the best professionals in the facilities that rely on highly qualified nurses, and most importantly, enriches the lives of the patients they care for.

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