Travel nurses expect to be paid competitive rates for their work, and they will often compare the pay rates offered by different agencies before making a decision. Travel nurses also look for agencies that offer a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance and other perks like referral bonuses or licence reimbursement. Many travel nurse agencies help with travel and housing arrangements, including paid housing, stipends, or reimbursements for travel expenses. Nurses look for agencies that can provide comfortable and convenient housing options, as well as support with travel arrangements. Advanced Home Care Solutions and Advanced Care Solutions reimburse travel and accommodation expenses, provide 100% extended health benefits, meal per diems and many bonuses including shift differential.

Nurses want to work with agencies that provide dedicated support and communication throughout their assignments. This includes access to a dedicated recruiter or account manager, 24/7 support, and clear communication about job expectations and requirements. Nurses want to work with agencies that have a good reputation in the industry and a proven track record of providing high-quality assignments and support. Advanced Home Care Solutions and Advanced Care Solutions are assigned a dedicated corporate travel rep for 24/7 assistance as well as the companies have administrative staff on call to support any urgent travel or accommodation needs.

Nurses value agencies that prioritize a positive company culture and foster a supportive and collaborative work environment. This includes opportunities for networking, team building, and social events. Advanced Home Care Solutions and Advanced Care Solutions have a dedicated RN who checks in with all staff virtually every month and more often if needed. They are available for debriefing for difficult situations, or clinical support if required.

Nurses look for agencies that prioritize the well-being and rights of their employees, and advocate for their interests and needs. This includes addressing concerns and grievances, providing fair and equitable treatment, and advocating for better working conditions and benefits. Advanced Home Care Solutions and Advanced Care Solutions Nursing Supervisors are in touch with site managers to ensure smooth working relationships and working condition concerns are addressed.

Travel nurses want access to a wide variety of job opportunities across various locations and specialties, so they can find assignments that match their skills and interests. Travel nurses value agencies that offer flexible assignments, including both short-term and long-term contracts, and the ability to choose when and where they work. Advanced Home Care Solutions and Advanced Care Solutions have assignments in both rural, mid-city and large metropolitan areas in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and the Maritimes.
By considering these factors, travel nurses can make an informed decision when choosing a travel nurse agency and find a partner that can support their career goals and provide a rewarding and fulfilling work experience.

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